FuzionRadio.FM is part of Fuzion Events, which is an organisation that arranges all kinds of events around music. The roots come from music events like Shut up and Dance, G-Forze and others since the beginning of 2001.

With a team of DJ’s and event management staff we bring you amazing dance events every year. From Classics of the 80s and 90s, to EDM, House, Trance and Hardstyle, we have it all.

DJ @ Fuzion

Join the Fuzion family by tuning into our exclusive Fuzion Radio streaming channels. Putting community power behind the music, we offer non-stop action live dj events and mixing sessions with our very own DJ Mike B, Radion6, and guest stars.

Current Team Members:

Da Viper / Mike B – Michiel Beenen
Radion6 – Ruud Kretzers